About Us

“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”


In today’s world, hand held devices and its accessories are not only tools but gadgets that drive our lives. The right gadget can be the difference between a routine day and a ‘Great day.!’. With this in mind the founders launched Zivo as a brand in early 2020 with an idea to bring personalised gadgets that make significant impact in the way we experience technology.

Our path

Zivo started as a wireless earbud brand ZIVO S1, brought to shakeup the market and touch people’s lives with a fresh perspective. The success of ZIVO S1 propelled us to make a compact version ZIVO S2 ‘gray’. Zivo has now embarked in to Selfi-stick and Wireless bluetooth devices for cars.

Zivo aims to make more trending personal technology accessories available with premium quality and affordable price in India. We are also available in Amazon India and Flipkart.